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Allen Company’s archery arrows and components offer a range of benefits to both novice and seasoned archers. First and foremost, precision and accuracy are paramount in archery, and high-quality arrows, such as carbon or aluminum shafts, ensure consistent flight and tight groupings. The arrow's spine, weight, and length can be customized to suit an archer's specific draw length and bow, enhancing accuracy, and improving overall performance. Moreover, modern arrow components, like nocks and inserts, contribute to arrow stability, helping to maintain a straight trajectory and reduce drag.

Durability is another key advantage of investing in quality arrows and components. They can withstand the rigors of repeated use and minimize the need for replacements. Our arrows and components offer versatility, as archers can fine-tune their equipment to cater to various shooting styles and environments, from target shooting to hunting. Allen Company’s archery arrows and components play an indispensable role in achieving success and satisfaction in the sport of archery, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and durability. Our arrows are designed with straightness, weight tolerances, and the highest considerations for quality components so that you can feel confident whether you are on the target line or in the field chasing the trophy of a lifetime. Compare our specs against the competition and then ask yourself why you’ve been paying over $100 for your setup.

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