Battleborn Lubricants

Allen Company’s gun cleaning lubricants play a crucial role in firearm maintenance and performance, offering several significant benefits by aiding in reducing friction and wear between moving parts, and enhancing the firearm's longevity and reliability. By minimizing friction, these lubricants help prevent corrosion and rust, preserving the gun's appearance and functionality. Our Battle Born lubricants can enhance shooting accuracy. They ensure consistent and smooth movement of parts, contributing to better trigger control and reduced recoil, resulting in more precise shots. Lubricants also improve the overall functionality of semi-automatic and automatic firearms by ensuring efficient cycling of rounds.

The application of these lubricants simplifies cleaning processes. They can help dislodge fouling and residues, making it easier to maintain the firearm's cleanliness. Gun cleaning lubricants not only extend the lifespan of firearms but also enhance their performance and user experience, promoting safer and more reliable shooting activities.

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