Handgun Cases

Handgun & Pistol Cases 

Your handgun is an investment, protect it with handgun and pistol cases from Allen Company! We offer a variety of handgun cases to fit all of your storage and carrying needs. Find lockable, hardshell, and soft cases that are built with durable materials to prevent damage to your weapon while keeping it clean. Shop our full collection of pistol cases today! 

Get a Pistol Case for Your Firearm at Allen Company

At Allen Company, we offer a wide selection of pistol cases to meet your style and transportation needs. Our handgun cases are designed to hold and transport smaller guns such as pistols or revolvers. They come in various materials and designs, including plastic, nylon, leather, or aluminum, and can be soft or hard-shell. Hard shell cases provide the highest level of protection but are less portable. Soft shell cases are more flexible but may offer less protection. Padded cases are great for protection and portability, and lockable cases are for added security. We also provide gun cases with additional compartments or pockets for holding magazines and other accessories. Travel with your gun knowing your firearm is protected.

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