Hip Holsters

Allen Company’s hip gun holsters offer several benefits for individuals who carry firearms. They provide quick and easy access to your weapon, allowing for rapid deployment in critical situations. This accessibility is crucial for self-defense or law enforcement, ensuring that the firearm is readily available when needed. Hip holsters also distribute the weight of the gun evenly around the waist, increasing comfort during extended periods of wear compared to other holster types.

Our hip holsters allow for a natural and efficient draw motion, promoting better accuracy and reducing the risk of accidents during retrieval. They also enable the gun to be concealed beneath clothing, making them suitable for concealed carry purposes. Our hip holsters can be easily adjusted to accommodate different gun sizes, providing versatility for users with various firearms. Allen Company’s hip gun holsters offer a practical and comfortable way to carry a firearm, enhancing both security and peace of mind for those who rely on them.

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