IWB Holsters

Allen Company’s in-waistband (IWB) gun holsters offer several key advantages for concealed carry enthusiasts. They provide exceptional concealment, allowing the wearer to tuck their firearm inside their pants, minimizing printing and drawing less attention from bystanders. This discreet carry method is crucial for maintaining a low profile in both everyday life and self-defense situations. IWB holsters also promote a high level of comfort, as they snugly fit against the body and distribute the weight of the firearm evenly, reducing discomfort during extended wear. Our IWB holsters offer proximity to the body that allows for a quick and natural draw, enhancing response time in critical moments. Our IWB holsters offer adjustable cant and retention options, allowing users to customize their carry style. Allen Company’s in-waistband holsters provide a versatile and convenient solution for those seeking concealed carry options, combining concealment, comfort, and accessibility.

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