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Allen Company’s gun socks and sleeves provide a range of benefits for firearm owners. They offer excellent protection for guns, safeguarding them from dust, moisture, and scratches. These protective coverings are especially valuable for firearms used in outdoor or harsh environments, as they prevent rust and corrosion.  Gun socks and sleeves are easy to slip on and off, ensuring quick and convenient access to your firearms while maintaining their cleanliness. They are also an excellent tool for preventing accidental discharge by covering the trigger guard. In addition, these accessories can help mitigate the risk of dings and nicks when transporting firearms to the range or while hunting, preserving their resale value.

Our gun socks often incorporate silicone or other moisture-wicking materials, further enhancing the preservation of your firearm's finish and mechanical components. Our gun socks and sleeves are cost-effective investments that extend the longevity and aesthetics of firearms while promoting safe handling and storage. Gun socks and sleeves are an easy and economical way to protect your guns during transit, while in a safe, or as an added layer of protection in a hard gun case. Because they have a limited treatment of silicone, they can also help inhibit rust from forming on your prized firearms. Check out this simple yet effective storage solution that protects your firearms, firearm stocks, and optics from scratches and bumps.

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