June 14, 2017

The Hothead™ Mechanical Broadhead from Allen® Sizzles as It Smokes Out Game

The Allen® Hothead™ Mechanical Broadhead is designed to take down game dependably by tearing through tissue with ease.  The broadhead begins with a razor-sharp chisel tip that crushes bone and pierces tissue.  And, like any other Hothead™, you don’t want to mess around with the serrated mechanical blades that rip through lungs and other vital organs….


June 14, 2017

The Beartooth Fixed Blade Broadhead from Allen® Has a Deadly Bite

The Allen® Beartooth Fixed Blade Broadhead packs a powerful punch with its forged Molten Metal Technology and triple sharpened blades.  This three-blade broadhead has a one-piece forged design that provides a lethal blow to game, living up to the Beartooth name….  


March 9, 2017

Allen® Makes Target Practice Easy with Their Fat Belly Bullet Points

Made by archers for archers, the Fat Belly Bullet Points from Allen® are the perfect target practice field points because you no longer need to struggle to pull your arrows from the target.  The tapered shape that gives the points their Fat Belly name creates a larger diameter….


March 9, 2017

The Power Point Chisel Broadhead from Allen® Proves Deadly for Game

The Allen® Power Point Chisel Broadhead is a reliably tough and well-crafted broadhead that make waves with hunters.  With a lethal chisel point design and .027” stainless steel blades, this broadhead passes through bone and vitals with utter decimation.  Even with its compact….


January 17, 2017

Allen Company Unveils a New Addition to the Successful Gear Fit® Line-Up: Introducing Gear Fit Pursuit 

Allen Company is announcing an expansion to its popular Gear Fit® product line: Gear Fit Pursuit, a family of purpose-driven products designed around popular hunting activities.  This revolutionary line of gun cases and gun slings allow hunters to bring along the necessary…. 


June 24, 2016

Allen Company Expands Popular GearFit® Series to Crossbow Market

Allen Company, long known for delivering both value and quality to the archery industry, has launched a new crossbow case addition to their popular GearFit family of cases. The GearFit V Crossbow Case was introduced as a solution to address the extensive amount of gear….


June 14, 2016

New Allen Eliminator™ Shooter’s Backpack Headlines Range Gear

Allen Company, long known for delivering the perfect blend of value and quality to the shooting industry, has launched the new Eliminator Shooter’s Backpack-a feature rich range backpack offering premium features at an affordable price….


May 9, 2016

Allen Company Expands Concealed Carry with Spiderweb™ Holster

Allen Company, long known for delivering the perfect blend of value and quality to the shooting industry, has recently expanded their extensive lineup of holsters with the Spiderweb concealed carry-series….