Thank you for choosing Allen arrows.  Please take a few minutes to review the following safety information to help ensure a safe and successful product experience.  If at any time you have questions about proper Arrow Use & Safety Tips, please call our Customer Service Hotline at 1-800-876-8600 for assistance. 


Before you begin shooting, there are several safety tips you need to know: 

ALWAYS select the proper arrow for your bow. Arrows are intended to be used only with bows with a specific pull weight and draw length.   Shooting an arrow from a bow with a pull weight or draw length that does not match the arrow can cause serious damage to your equipment, yourself and/or others nearby.

ALWAYS obey all archery safety rules and laws in your state.

ALWAYS check your arrows prior to shooting.  Loose and sometimes broken components can cause unbalanced arrow flight and a partial dry firing of the bow.

ALWAYS check your archery equipment for signs of wear.  Frequent use will require constant maintenance.  Improper care could result in damage to your equipment, serious injury or death.

ALWAYS look in front of and behind your target, and be sure of your background before each shot.

ALWAYS remember that a loaded bow is a deadly weapon.

ALWAYS use under close adult supervision.

NEVER point a drawn bow with an arrow nocked arrow at anything other than your intended target.

NEVER shoot at or in the direction of another person.

NEVER shoot straight up, straight down, or in any direction that may endanger people or other objects.  Doing so may cause serious injury or death to yourself and/or others nearby.


How to Inspect Your Arrows:

Step 1: Before shooting, carefully inspect each arrow for cracks, nicks, gouges, cuts, punctures or chips.  If you notice any sort of blemish on the surface of the arrow, discard IMMEDIATELY.

Step 2: Flex the arrow back and forth in several places up and down the shaft.  If you see any blemish and/or hear any noise while flexing, discard IMMEDIATELY.

Step 3: Inspect ALL arrow components (Point, Insert, Vanes & Nock) before nocking the arrow on your bowstring.  If you notice any sort of blemish on the surface of the arrow, discard IMMEDIATELY.  Arrows are highly accurate projectiles and could cause damage to other arrows while shooting at the same target.

Step 4: After complete inspection, carefully nock the arrow to your bowstring, be sure of your target before drawing the bow back, and shoot safely.


Archery is sport that requires patience.  Please practice patience while inspecting your arrows.