Allen Crossbow Laser Boresighter


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The Crossbow Laser Boresighter makes sight in easy. Works with scopes or iron sights to get you on paper quickly. The beam is adjustable for elevation and windage accuracy. Switch for powering on and off. Includes Batteries.

With crossbows the scope is mounted well above the point that the arrow/ bolt is at on the rail, the bolt when fired will make an arch pattern to reach where you are pointing the crosshairs on the scope. Allen® has done extensive testing with the crossbow bore sighter and the best results have occurred at about 7 yards to get your base 20-yard line in your scope on target. This means before sighting in your crossbow you would set the laser bore sighter on the rail, step back to 7 yards, and align the top line or center of the reticle to where the laser is pointing. This will get the user close to the center for their first shot at 20-yards where they can fine-tune their scope adjustments after that.

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