Gun Slings

Rifle Slings 

Choosing the perfect rifle sling is just as important as choosing the right gun. At Allen Company, we provide a wide selection of slings for rifles so you can find the one that offers everything you need. We offer a range of rifle slings with different options like padding, swivels and more. Shop rifle slings today and make carrying your rifle easier and more comfortable! 

Get a Sling for Your Rifle at Allen Company

Get ready for your next competition or hunting trip with a sling for rifles designed to take the pressure off you. At Allen Company we have a variety of rifle slings to meet your style and transportation needs. We offer single-point slings that provide easy motion when moving from resting to shooting positions, as well as two-point slings to provide stability and comfort during long hikes. Get a sling for your rifle that provides comfort with adjustable straps, grip pads to keep your firearm on your shoulder, and thumb loops for easy carry. Choose from our wide selection of slings, from leather to camo and everything in between.

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