How to use your Krome shotgun cleaning kit?

After a season of waterfowl hunting or several rounds of trap and skeet shooting with friends, you'll want to clean and maintain your shotgun. In this video, we will cover the Krome™ shotgun cleaning kit and some tips on how to use the components to get started. The Krome™ Shotgun Cleaning Kit features a rugged, high-impact plastic storage box filled with high-quality components in fitted compartments. Includes bronze brushes, brass cleaning rods, and brass cleaning jags. Contains, one brass rod, five bronze shotgun brushes (.410, 28ga, 20ga, 12ga, 10ga), five swabs (.410, 28ga, 20ga, 12ga, 10ga), a three-piece brush and pick set, two sizes of brass slotted tips (.30 cal, 12ga).

View the Krome Shotgun Cleaning Kit HERE


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